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Aerostructures: Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Characterization (online, inline, real-time etc.), Structural Analysis, Process/Design and Modeling, Automation in production, virtual manufacturing, digitalization and digital twins, additive manufacturing, exploitation of advanced thermoplastics, joining techniques and adhesive bonding etc.

Aerostructures: Materials

Materials & Processes, Advanced Characterization, Structural Analysis, Design and Modeling, Smart by Design, Smart Materials & Structures, Aeroelasticity, Nano-enabled composites, Structural Behaviour & Material Testing, Maintenance & Repair, etc.

Flight Physics

CFD, Aerodynamics, Airflow Control, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Wing Design, Noise prediction & Noise reduction, Computational Acoustics etc.


Distributed Propulsion, Hybrid-Electric flight, Scaled Flight Testing, Combustion, Turbomachinery, Heat Transfer, Engine Control, Engine Health Monitoring, Fuels, Emissions etc.

Small Air Transport (SAT) Technologies

Innovations in cockpit and avionics, propulsion, airframe, materials, air traffic management, self-separation and collision avoidance, mission management, decision making support to the pilot, single-pilot operations, sustainability of SAT operations, scenarios, safety regulations and standards.

Avionics, Systems & Equipment

Cockpit Systems, Flight Data, Communication Systems, Avionics Integration, Aircraft Security, Environmental Control Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Sensors and Data Acquisition etc.

Air Traffic Management & Airports

Traffic Management, Remote Control, Navigation Systems, Airport Operation, Airport Security etc.

Human Factors

Man-machine Interface, Cognitive Computing, Human Information Processing, Human Element in Security etc.

Innovative Concepts & Scenarios

Unconventional Configurations, UAV/UAS, RPAS, Personal Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, Open Platform Demonstrator Systems, Alternative Energy Sources, Breakthrough Technologies etc.

Industry 4.0 & Factories of the Future

Factory of the Future, Digital Factory, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Twins, Cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing etc

Space Technologies

Materials and Structures, Manufacturing Processes for Space Applications, Space manufacturing process technologies, Aerodynamics, Space Propulsion, Space Power, Robotics, Space Transportation Systems, Novel / Reusable Launching Concepts, On-orbit operations and servicing (OOO, OOS), Low cost satellites technologies, etc.

Space Applications and Operations

Earth Observation, Nano/micro Satellites, Integrated Applications, Space Communication and Navigation, Components for Orbital Use, CO2 monitoring from space, etc.

Space Policies

Clean Space, Safety in Space, etc.